2016 Horace Webb Scholarship Program



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2016 Horace Webb Scholarship Program Announced

GCCRA is pleased to announce the application for scholarship

The Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association (GCCRA) is pleased to announce the launch of our 2016 Horace Webb Scholarship Program in service to the realtime court reporting students or graduates in the state of Georgia.

As a leader within the court reporting field, GCCRA recognizes that you have many opportunities to become involved in organizations and activities once you begin this exciting career. GCCRA wants to encourage you to start your career off with financial aid for your studies and membership into the state organization that welcomes all methods of takedown! Your study of realtime court reporting evidences your commitment to professional development and your desire to network with other reporters, who share your enthusiasm, interests, and goals.

So who is Horace Webb, you ask? Horace L. Webb was the inventor of the stenomask – the device that allows voice reporters to repeat back what is being said while their voice is silenced so that one is not able to be heard in the courtroom or deposition setting.

You want MORE info about the award?

  • To start with, the recipients are given membership, either student or full, to GCCRA, the only reporting organization in Georgia that fully allows all methods of takedown into their association with full voting privileges!
  • The award recipients will be encouraged to attend GCCRA board meetings to further network with industry leaders and working reporters!
  • Other gifts to further their career in court reporting are a $500 payment to a voice writing program (payment made directly to school)
  • Free NVRA or NCRA Study Guide and a voucher entitling the recipient to one CVR or CCR Workshop, one online written examination, and one dictation skills test (pre-registration required)
  • And last, but certainly not least, they will also be offered the opportunity to attend our GCCRA Spring OR Fall Conference, typically held in March and October respectively.


But YOU can’t receive a scholarship award unless YOU apply. The application form detailing eligibility requirements for each of the scholarship categories can be obtained by clicking on the Horace Webb Scholarship tab on our website. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be filled out completely, include all required support materials and be received at the GCCRA office on or before the deadline of March 1, 2016.


Scholarship recipients will be announced at the GCCRA tech seminar and will be posted online at www.gccra.org by March 31, 2016.



Horace Webb Scholarship Application


Meet our 2015 Horace Webb Scholarship Winner…


Cynde Gregory


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Cynde is an award-winning poet, writer and teacher. After 35 years in the field of education, she has discovered a passion for court reporting because it marries her devotion to the written and spoken word, her commitment to community and her belief that at the core of every person are stories that need to be told. 
Cynde attended Brown College of Court Reporting for two semesters (fall 2013 and spring 2014) and she also studied at Realtime Voice Academy in Lawrenceville for a semester and a half.
After taking the CVR she has received 99.11 on the 180 wpm Literary,
98.9 on the 200 wpm Jury Charge.
and an 84 on the written test!
And like most of us had to do when we went for our certification, she will retest for her 225 wpm Q&A soon!
GCCRA wishes to congratulate Cynde on a job well done.  We are sure she will have her certification by fall and are very proud of her accomplishments so far!