Oct 232014


Hi, everyone!!!

 2014 is winding down already… can you believe it?  

 GCCRA will be having two of our board members leaving us – OH NO!!!  Their term is up at the end of the year. But this is a good thing as an association that always has the same people working the same jobs or just rotating jobs, then you eventually become stagnant.  We need fresh ideas and fresh opinions to keep GCCRA relevant and able to be there for its members.

 By January 1, GCCRA will need two more reporters willing to step up and take their place!  GCCRA is YOUR organization, but we can’t do it without YOU!  The positions are the Marketing Director and the Seminar Director.  Don’t let the names scare you!  They are very fun positions and all of us work with each other to make sure everything gets done!

 That being said, we also NEED many, many willing folks who would like to serve on committees  next year.  This is different for a board position as it is not as time intensive. 

 We will be putting together a testing committee – remember we have been charged by the Judicial Council to have a real time capable test ready to go by June 2015.

 We also have a desire to put together a marketing and seminar committee too!  We are looking for YOUR input as to better promote our association to the hundreds of reporters in Georgia who are “homeless,” meaning they belong no NO association.  Can you believe that?  Who would want to be a reporter in Georgia and not belong to GCCRA?  GCCRA is already pushing ahead into the future of reporting and has so many great ideas!  But I digress…. 

 GCCRA wants a committee working together on making sure that YOUR future seminars are designed to take YOU to the next level in YOUR career!  

 So, my question is:  Can I count YOU in to be part of YOUR association’s committees, to join YOUR board, to be willing to serve and be a part of something bigger than yourself?

 These are exciting times and they require dedicated folks.  It is not possible for just a few people to do all the work and it is not fair for the membership to expect that to be so.

 So let me hear from YOU and soon!  Send your resume and a quick paragraph or two to officeadmin@nullgccra.org and copy me too at caryn@nullcmbreportingservices.com

 I look forward to talking to YOU and working with YOU next year!​