Dec 112014
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update pic


GCCRA friends and members – have you gone to our website lately?  You haven’t???  Oh my!

You are missing out on the new things we have for YOU!  We have been busy!  We have a member resources page and will be adding new things continuously.

We have a word list section where on Mondays, you can find specific terminology on many different topics, medical, legal, technology, latest slang, and so much more.  Tuesday – Friday we will offer the latest words in the news.  All of these can help make your realtime SHINE!  New words will be added daily.

We are building up our repository, and by January 1, 2015, we will have different templates and redacted transcripts that are good for helpful as prep material for specific types of court or deposition work you will be doing.

Have you saved money lately?  Everyone loves a good deal and GCCRA has Member discounts posted there as well!  Check out the latest deal from Office Depot (copies are as low as $.03 a page), Pengad, and Bates Software!

Looking for more work or different work?  GCCRA lists the latest job opportunities in our state for YOU!

And of course, GCCRA is all about your continuing education!  So we have created a blog with articles and tips and tricks to help you stay at the forefront of our industry.

Check back often as we will be hosting our 2015 “KEEPING IT REALTIME” conference for court reporters and discounts to that will be available soon!

But you can’t get all this unless you are a member.  Sign up today!  Go online at and join the only association that recognizes all methods of takedown and offers all members full recognition and voting privileges.

If Meghan Trainor was a court reporter, she would say, “It’s all about the page, ’bout the page, no division…”

I joke about that, but it is serious.  There’s strength in numbers.  When we come together as an industry, our collective voice will be stronger and our impact will be greater than we could have on our own.  GCCRA is committed to giving you the tools to become the best reporter you can be, thereby helping you ensure your reporting career knows no boundaries.  There is no better time than now to join your state association, and we at GCCRA look forward to serving you.