Jul 012016

unnamedCourt Reporting CE Switches to
Georgia Courts Registrar July 1

 As of July 1, Georgia Certified Court Reporters should follow a new, streamlined procedure for reporting continuing education hours.   The new procedure allows you to submit CE through your existing accounts in the Georgia Court Registrar (GCR) – the same system you have been using to apply for and renew your annual certifications – instead of through the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education (ICJE).

Consolidating all certification functions into the GCR should provide you with more timely service and more accurate information.  Moreover, the new procedure reduces the amount of paperwork that you need to file when reporting CE hours.  For example, the CRTC-1 Request for Credit form is no longer needed because you can input that information online in the GCR.

Things to know:
— You will report CE through the “Events” tab at the top of your GCR account.
— All preapproved CE courses for 2016 have already been loaded into the “Events” module, so you do not have to type in the program information.
— You can upload evaluation forms and other required CE documents through your GCR account.
— You will receive automatic email notification when your CE is approved.
— You can self-monitor your CE hours and status anytime through your account.
— Any CE hours you submitted to ICJE before June 15 should already be reflected in your GCR account.  CE submissions to ICJE from the latter half of June should be entered into GCR accounts by the third week of July.
— Submitted hours and information should be reflected immediately in your account.
— Georgia Courts Registrar staff are available to answer phone calls and emails during business hours, and they strive to respond to most inquiries within 24 business hours.

The new link for “Court Reporter CE Information” is at the top right of the BCR homepage:


The BCR CE website contains the same information you are accustomed to finding on the ICJE CE website, but updated.

We strongly recommend that you review the entire updatedContinuing Education Manual and the updated Frequently Asked Questions section under Court Reporter CE Information.

If you see any errors in your CE information, or if you have questions or comments, please call 404-463-3808 or emailgcr@nullgeorgiacourts.gov.

Happy July 4th!!