Jun 262014

Fulton County Superior Court EmblemSuperior Court of Fulton County: As of May 15, 2015, all court reporters will be required to be certified as a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR). And that’s not all the news. By May 15, 2015, those reporters in Fulton County will be required to prove that they have realtime capabilities. REALTIME CAPABILITIES. The ability to instantly send the spoken word to an end user to read. Now that Fulton County is requiring a certain level of certification and proficiency, how much longer before other counties follow suit? How many counties does it take before the entire state looks up and adjusts their standards and requirements?

And so here it is: The future is here. The future is NOW. And while you wait and wonder and worry if this future will really be “Your Future,” the future is still marching forward and may even pass you by, if you aren’t marching with it. The future of the court reporting profession in Georgia will be what the associations, the agency owners, and yes, every one of Georgia’s court reporters themselves make it to be.

As an industry, we set high expectations of ourselves. We try to produce a perfect record. And in this goal of excellence, we have always looked to cleaner ways of producing the transcript. Gone are the onion skin days and fingers  purple with carbon. Reporters have always embraced advancing technologies with the promise of quicker turnaround time and higher level of accuracy during takedown!

The only difference today is that now the courts are expecting it as well. And that ability to lower the turnaround time and increase the accuracy of takedown is here and in full swing. So why are you waiting?

And here is the GOOD news from both state associations: We are working together for the benefit of the industry and you. We know that both machine and voice writers must be recognized equally as professional keepers of the record. All reporters must adhere to our ethics code of using the best technologies available to produce the record. For if we do not, then how do we maintain our ability to be the professional keepers of the record? In today’s “instant gratification” society, where all businesses are looking to offer “same-day delivery” and smartphone apps can “stream” anything to anyone anywhere, instantly, it is time to tighten our belts and sharpen our skills in order that we may continue to sit in our rightful places in the courtrooms.

PDF IconGCCRA and GSRA find it imperative that we bring our very competent court reporters into this new standard of excellence quickly. The early-bird discount is still available until February 8!  Hurry and sign up for the GCCRA/GSRA Tech Seminar!  You don’t want to miss this positive, motivating, exciting experience! We are not approaching realtime with a fear factor, but with a fearless determination. We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Spring Technology Seminar and helping you join the group of winning realtime court reporters who are boldly stepping into our profession’s future. Visit www.gccra.org or www.gsra.org to register today!