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Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association

runningGaining the Edge Conference

November 4, 2017

Emory Conference Center Hotel
1615 Clifton Road NE – Atlanta, Georgia 30329


Dessa VanSchuyver, CVR – Unleashing the Dragon!

Dessa Van Schuyver, CCR has been a practicing court reporter since 2001.  She started using realtime software in 2002.  In addition to being a working court reporter, Dessa is a continuing education provider for the National Verbatim Reporters Association teaching Dragon Naturally Speaking and EclipseVoX.  Dessa has taught Dragon to court reporters all over the country and at the NVRA national convention.

Carolyn James – Yoga – A Primary Tool for Court Reporters

“Carolyn James is  Louise Hay Certified Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling, and is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.  Her work stems from her mission to help others reawaken to their spiritual magnificence and live their best lives.  Through coaching, leading workshops, and speaking she purposes to spread an uplifting and life changing message into the lives of everyone she encounters.  As a yoga teacher, she endeavors to return others to the wholeness that is their divine birthright and natural state.

Carolyn is also the author of two self-published books, “Letters to My Daughters,” and “From 0-60 in 21 Days-Thoughts to Accelerate You Toward Purpose.”  Both are inspirational guides – the former for young girls, the latter for women.

Ms. James aspires to continue writing, speaking and leading workshops in an effort to continually speak into lives and allow others the audacity to dream.  Her motto is LIVE YOUR LOVE, and MAKE YOUR MARK, and her desire is to model this for the world.”

CAT Training – AudioScribe, CaseCAT, Eclipse and ProCAT


CAT Tips and Tools from the top four CAT vendors/trainers.

Art Cochran – The Dirty Dozen:  Twelve English Rules That Will Change Your Life


Art Cochran has been teaching grammar and punctuation at Brown College of Court Reporting since 1989.  For more than 20 years, he has offered annual continuing education seminars for Georgia reporters, and he has conducted classes on punctuation and grammar at a number of GCCRA, GSRA, and NCRA conventions.  When he isn’t teaching, he continues his own education by proofreading the transcripts of several reporters.

Art’s presentation will include:  The Dirty Dozen:  Twelve English Rules That Will Change Your Life.  Basically, it will consist of 12 English rules that will change your life.

Maxine & Richie Bursky – The Evil Vampire Court Reporter


Maxyne Bursky, BA, RPR, CRR, CCR has been a court reporter for more than 40 years. She and her husband, Richard, also a court reporter, have freelanced out of the Atlanta area for the past six years. They are Certified Professional Performance Coaches and have mentored many court reporting students. Maxyne has worked as a freelancer in New York and Florida as well as in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York for several years, so she has an understanding of reporting practices both in and out of court.

She has written “Talk to the Hands,” a humorous, practical guide for the newbie reporter that provides easy, yet comprehensive ways to navigate the world of court reporting that are almost never taught in schools. It encourages and welcomes a nervous newcomer to this exciting field, and helps them feel more like a veteran.  The “TERM-inator “ outlines terms of art one can expect in cases dealing with medical, construction, real estate, legal terminology, expert testimony, etc.  “Way Off The Record” is Maxyne’s newest book, featuring the most unusual (and sometimes downright bizarre) professional assignments that a group of leaders in our field have consented to contribute. If you think you’ve heard it all, listen to them!

Maxyne lectures on the joy of court reporting to steno and voice students, and young professionals in many states. She is also a participant in the Virtual Mentor program sponsored by the NCRA. She is the founder of Hallyboy Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing library books and supplies to Title I public elementary schools, and has been actively involved in animal rescue for over 20 years.

Pavon Bohanan, CCR – DON’T GO IT ALONE:  How the Right Mentor Inspires Professional Success


PAVON BOHANAN has worked as a certified court reporter for the last 22 years in three states, both as with an agency and as an official.  Her agency, North Georgia Court Reporting, serves counties in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.  As a mentor, she works closely with reporters at every stage of professional development.

Let’s face it:  we all need help now and then.  Court reporting is exhilarating work, but it can also be discombobulating, and even downright scary.  Whether you are new to the business of court reporting, have a little experience, or possess quite a bit of courtroom know-how, the right mentor can motivate you to dance further, faster, and with greater confidence as you not only meet, but surpass, your goals.  In this workshop, participants will explore how the mentor-mentee relationship can inform professional life, enrich personal experiences, and truly be a win-win for both mentee and mentor.

Caryn M. Broome, CCR, CVR-M, CM, RCP – Captioning

When Caryn Broome went to Brown College of Court Reporting back in 2010 to start a career in court reporting, they showed her and her husband the two realtime methods available: stenography and voice writing.  When Andy realized the second method was dictating into a mask, he said, “You mean she can get paid to talk?  She’ll do that one.”  And what started as a joke between them two of them turned into a career and passion that she has pursued ever since.  Now nearly seven years later, Caryn holds four certifications, three for court reporting and one for CART Captioning, and is GCCRA’s past president and NVRA’s current treasurer.

While occasionally Caryn takes a deposition on behalf of the Deaf/Hard of hearing, it is CART Captioning and mentoring that keeps her busy these days.  She believes that voice writing is a key element to being able to caption the world and is working with both GCCRA and NVRA to continue training and mentoring others in this exciting field!

Vickie Wiechec – Captioning in the Courtroom

Vickie started her court reporting career in the late ‘90s as a machine writer in Massachusetts and Connecticut after attending Springfield Technical Community College.  Her family moved to Georgia and in 2001 she began working as a freelance and official court reporter, serving in the Dublin Judicial Circuit in the Superior Court.

In mid-2014, she added the skill set of CART/Captioner after traveling to Tampa, Florida to study with Christine Ales at Caption Endearvors.  She provides broadcast captioning and CART Captioning services (remote and on-site) for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in many settings, including the courtroom.

Vickie has served two terms with the Georgia Board of Court Reporting and has served on the National Verbatim Reporters Association and currently serves as President of the Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association.  She is an AudioScribe trainer and provides training both at the state and national level as well as speaking at public events on the topics of court reporting and CART Captioning.

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