Mar 072017



  1. Set a goal – Remember, if you don’t set a date,                                         A3    a goal is just a good idea.

Is your goal to become a better voice writer or machine writer?

Is your goal to move toward realtime?

Is your goal to provide your judge and/or attorney a realtime feed?

  1. Break your goal down into smaller parts.

The goal to cleaner writing, whether voice or steno, is to clean up your custom words/dictionary.  Just a few minutes daily can make a world of difference!

Go through your custom words/dictionary and clean up words that aren’t coming up correctly.

What conflicts do you need to resolve?  How is your number conversion?

When you finish your day, review your work.  See where you can make changes, either through correction or just writing it a different way.  One or two changes daily, will help.

  1. Every day do three things that bring you closer to your goal


What three things can I do today that will bring me closer to my goal?  Keep track of this.  Keep yourself accountable.

Connect with people who have similar goals.  Find a friend/buddy who is wanting to achieve the same type of goal.  This will help you to keep yourself accountable.


If you want to achieve a goal, look for the people who have paved the way.  Reach out to those people.  Most times, people will give you free advice or point you in the direction you need to go to achieve your goal.

Sign up for seminars/classes/training that can help you reach your goal.  Usually, you can find these classes at your state and national court reporting associations or through your CAT software vendors.

Remember:  Invest in yourself; you are the best thing going for you!

Author:  Vickie Wiechec.  Go to Facebook Page, Voice Writing Technologies, for information on upcoming training and seminars.