Dec 052014

The secret of change


Dear GCCRA members,

If you have any questions about the new court reporting changes that were adopted by the Judicial Council (click here), we would encourage you to talk with your judges and your clerks.

Find out how your circuit wants to implement these changes.  This is something that we all have to work together on.

The changes in the court reporting statue are much the same as they are now, subject to interpretation.

Make sure you are doing the best job possible, staying within the guidelines set forth by the Judicial Council.

GGCRA provides sample transcripts to members on our website and we also have a Facebook forum for discussion.  In most cases, the final decision-makers will be your judges.  In addition, we’ve got some great plans for  ‘Keeping it Realtime’ in 2015!  We’ve got a tech seminar that will be loaded with training and new ideas for our future.

Remember:  When you change the way you look at things, things change.  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Kindest regards,