Oct 122014
Caryn Broome

I must start by saying thank you– thank you to everyone, participants, speakers, and trainers who attended the 2014 Annual Fall Conference for Court Reporters, held in Peachtree City, Georgia, October 4, 2014.  We enjoyed meeting with you, learning with you, and to our honored guests, hearing your presentations and visiting with you!  We hope that your time at the conference was stimulating and rewarding.

We would especially like to thank our keynote speakers and trainers: Pavon Bohanan, Maxyne Bursky, Becky Bazzle, Pattie Woods, Catherine Bernard, and Lynette Mueller, Jana Coulter, Cathy Logan, Dessa Van Schuyver, and Stephanie Faulkner.


Let me say that our trainers were the icing on the cake.  Our members, when surveyed, stated they wanted a day with some speakers and some training, and thanks to Jana, Cathy, Dessa, and Stephanie, GCCRA was able to make that happen!  Thank you ladies for the software training.  Learning the latest tips and tricks to make our jobs easier is rewarding on many levels!


Pavon Bohanan gave a riveting story Journey to Realtime: 3 Weeks to Liftoff.  3 WEEKS to REALTIME?  Yes, it can be and was done!!  AMAZING!  Her judge is thrilled with his realtime feed and gave a video speech about how he cannot understand how he was ever able to get along without it!  Pavon’s story was extremely motivating and I know of six reporters now who are moving into their future with REALTIME!


We were entertained and educated by Maxyne Bursky’s hit movie, Evil Zombie Vampire Lawyer from Hell!  They say what is funny is funny because it has some truth to it!  Well, all of our reporters were laughing because of the “truth” to what they saw the lawyers do during a deposition and a trial.  If you missed it, you really missed out on a great movie!


Catherine Bernard spoke on The value of court reporters to judges / lawyers / trials /etc.  I just love Catherine.  She is eloquent, passionate, articulate and best of all, 100% correct about how valuable we reporters are to the legal community.  For the past few months, it seems like we have been defending our value to everyone on the Judicial Council.  And after a while, it seems like a heavy burden to continually think to yourself that there are those in our field who HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE as to just what we do and how difficult it is to make a clean, accurate, verbatim record of the depositions and trials that we see on a daily basis.  Then in walks Catherine and she reaffirms that the lawyers do have a clueThey know how valuable we are to themThey realize they could not do the job they do if it were not for us doing the jobs we do.  That being said, I am sure that not EVERY lawyer in the great state of Georgia knows this.  There may be a few that have somehow slipped through the cracks or have been hiding under a rock.


Well, GCCRA intends to change that.  Next year we will be working with Maxine Bursky to take her two hit movies to the lawyers in this state, their continuing education classes, their bar association meetings and re-educate them about the value of reporters.  Yes, we have been worrying about ER coming into our courtrooms and depo rooms and the threat is real enough for sure.  But I believe that when we start educating our upcoming lawyers about what their reporters do and can do for them with realtime capabilities, we will educate a new generation of lawyers who will not want anyone but a live reporter in the room making sure that their accurate, verbatim deposition or trial transcript is ready to go for them!


Pattie Wood was a super hit with her “Foundations for Life” advice!  For those who attended, how many of you have had that “gotcha” moment?  Just remember to be kind to those that you love, after all, they didn’t attend the presentation.  LOL.  For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, you missed a great presentation on the best ways to recognize your body language and the language of those around you.  Small things like how you walk in a room, shake hands, and present yourself, still really matter and most certainly matter in terms of being able to be considered a valuable part of the team and not being considered as someone that can be ignored or taken advantage of.  A really fascinating look into what makes all of us tick.


Lynette Mueller showed court reporters how to be more organized and productive with, “Productivity: My top 10 gadgets.”  Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas for upgrading to the latest technologies out there!  Like the cell phone, I don’t know how we lived before them and how we would live without them!

And certainly a special thanks to Becky Bazzle who was kind enough to present twice for us.  Here topics were From Certification to Association:  The Path to Greater Success and Intro To Realtime.  Becky was right on the money with both presentations.

Intro To Realtime was a closer look at what it really means in going from being a mask reporter to a voice writer.  It starts with “What do you want?”  When you decide that you are going to step into the future of reporting, where do you go?  Becky broke it down into easy to follow concepts and instructions and we had quite a few folks that are ready to start their future!  It is truly exciting to see!

From Certification to Association spoke about a world where folks want to know who you are and what you can do for them before they ever pick up the phone to call you.  Your certification/s behind your name speak for themselves.  They are really the key to improving your worth to your customers and finding new customers!  She also spoke on the value of a strong association and the value of YOU making that association strong.

As everyone has been realizing these past few months, your association, GCCRA is ALWAYS there for YOU, looking at and acting upon the information that affects YOUR future.  Most recently, the GCCRA board members have worked together with GSRA to support all the reporters in Georgia regarding the CRCM recommendations to the Judicial Council.

The best quote at the seminar was this and it is by Theodore Roosevelt –

“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged.  No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”

I refer to this quote that because at GCCRA, our association is YOU and without YOU, there is no association.  We have two director positions coming available at the end of the year.  One is for membership and the other is for seminar planning.  In a state of over 1100 court reporters, it is NOT possible for just five people, which is how many is left after our two directors step down, to take care of YOUR association.  Our board is made up of volunteers willing to serve.  Are you willing?  2015 is right around the corner and it looks to be a WONDERFUL YEAR!  But in order for that to happen, we must work together.  And please don’t say that you are busy.  We ALL are busy.  The world is a busy place.  As my dear friend says, “One will either make time for what is important to them, or they will make excuses.”  So my question is:  Are you willing to support the organization that is striving to improve conditions within your sphere?  Please send your resume and a short letter as to why you would like to join our board.  Board qualifications are that you must be a member of GCCRA and you must be a certified reporter in the state of Georgia.  Our board looks forward to hearing from you and working with you to keep GCCRA the association where “together, we are stronger” and “where your vote counts.”

Thank you, again, to our speakers and trainers, and thank you to our membership for giving us the opportunity to serve you.  Kindest regards, Caryn