Why Join the GCCRA?


Questions and Answers!

Joining your state association at any time during the year is a GREAT IDEA and here’s why!

  • Make an Impact.  Join your peers in advancing the critical policy issues affecting the court reporters in your state and your communities.
  • Amplify your voice.  It’s all about our court reporters in this state! Associations are your voice!  GCCRA works with the political and legislative leaders in Georgia to protect your career and the future of court reporting. There is power in numbers! When everyone joins their association, our voice and our message is louder and clearer to everyone.
  • Build Your Skill Set.  To grow and manage your career more effectively, GCCRA provides training and conferences on essential topics related specifically to our industry.  These opportunities take your career to its next level of growth, and help you achieve new outcomes.
  • Join the Conversation.  Network with your peers: share ideas and exchange solutions.  Get information on employment opportunities, transcript production, technical questions, and important information related to what is happening in our industry. Make friends and build relationships with other reporters in your area!
  • Grow!  Learn Leadership Skills.  Acquire new skills, hear about trends that matter in your organization both now and the future. As you strengthen your own leadership skills, consider serving on the Board to help build a stronger reporting community in your state.
  • Save Money.  Benefit from discounts on products and services that are available only to members of the state association, such as a three-cent copy rate at Office Depot, or 10% off your orders with Pengad!
  • Save Time.  Get fast and reliable answers to your questions on our GCCRA Facebook page.
  • Foster Collaboration.  Create strategic partnerships to serve your clients more effectively.
  • Strive for Excellence.  Honor standards of ethical practice, accountability, and transparency that advance the industry.Join GCCRA Button